sm-ART is the acronym for the act of Showcasing Multi-cultural Art developed and designed by artists of all multicultural backgrounds nationwide for placement on tee's under the Black Excellence umbrella. At Black Excellence we pride ourselves in supporting creative minds and enhancing their path to EXCELLENCE.

Limited edition sm-ART Tee's will be released upon the selection of artist submissions of a particular topic or cultural agenda determined by the Black Excellence Team. Call for artists will be posted soon on social media networks and the Black Excellence website.

The first featured sm-ART Tee Artist is Gee Em ......... 

"Born and raised on the North-side of Minneapolis GeeEm has always found solace in his creative side.  He holds two degrees in music and film. Gee Em is a very skilled artist.  After film school he ran into a little trouble trying to fund his first short film so a friend of his suggested that he try to sell some of his drawings to raise money.  For the past few years GeeEm has gained a momentum as an up and coming artist and has no plans on stopping."

Gee Em's Featured sm-ART Tee is a limited edition LL Cool J. Raglan and classic tee.


The second featured sm-ART Tee Artist Kenneth Caldwell With his limited edition DYNO-MITE Tee